Poker Hands Ranking

This is the very first and most important step you will need to learn to be able to play most variations of poker like Texas Hold’em . Below you can find all possible hands, from the best hand, the royal flush to the high card, which is simply the best malaysia bet online card of all. Once you have memorized this list, you can start playing winning poker hands.


This hand is made up of 4 cards of the same rank and a neutral card. In case of several squares, the value of the card is taken into account, the highest card wins the hand. If multiple players have the exact same square (this can happen in poker games that use multiple decks of cards), the neutral card is used to determine the winner. The highest card wins.


A 5 card hand that has a set and a pair. If several players have a full house, the player with the 3 highest cards wins. Again, if 3 identical cards come up (when using multiple decks of cards), the higher pair determines the winner.

Color: It takes 5 cards of the same suit to compose this hand, but in sequential order. In case of two suits, the player with the higher card wins.


5 consecutive cards with at least two different suits. In the event that several players have a straight, the player with the highest card wins.

Three of a kind:

Three of a kind is simply made up of 3 identical cards. The 2 additional cards do not have the same value. In case of more than one set, the player with the 3 highest value cards wins. In the event of an identical set (in the case of the use of several decks of cards), the additional cards are used to decide between the players.

Two pairs:

Again, this poker hand is pretty self-explanatory. If you compose this hand, you have in your hand 2 distinct pairs of cards of identical rank. The highest pair wins if multiple players have the same hand, and the remaining card is used if multiple players have identical hands of identical ranks (again, in the case of using multiple decks of cards.)

A pair:

If you have two cards of the same rank, you have a pair. The remaining 3 cards in this 5 card hand are not of the same rank. In case of multiple pairs, the highest ranked pair wins and in case of multiple players with exactly the same pair (when using multiple decks of cards) the additional highest card determines the winner winbet11

High card:

If none of the above hands are presented by the players, the player with the highest card wins the round.