How do I display MLS required text on IDX listings not from our office?

A common requirement is that you display text like "Listing provided by: Realtor X's Office" for all listings you import from the RETS server. The following should help explain how to accomplish this, why also allowing your Agents to display more contact information, for listings which they are listing agent for.

This assumes that you have used the "admin" user as recommend as your default agent in your TransparentRETS Update Criteria (See:

1. First make sure you have mapped in the field that contains the Listing Office name from your RETS server. In this example we are giong to assume that field is called "LISTING_OFFICE_NAME".

2. Make sure in Open-Realty's site config under the listings tab make sure "Show Listedby Link For Admin's Listings" is set to No.

3. Edit your listing detail template, and add a section like the one below. You can customize it as you see fit.

    <strong>MLS Listing Provided By: </strong> {listing_field_LISTING_OFFICE_NAME_value}<br />
    <strong>{lang_listed_by}: </strong><br />
    <a href="{listing_agent_link}">{listing_agent_first_name} {listing_agent_last_name}</a><br /><br />
    {listing_agent_field_phone_block}{listing_agent_field_phone}<br />{/listing_agent_field_phone_block}

Ok let me explain the code above.

A. First we tell Open-Realty to Display text for any listing that is owned by the Admin user, with the use of the {!show_listed_by_admin_block} tag. In this example we are showing this text on any listing owned by the admin user.

<strong>MLS Listing Provided By: </strong> {listing_field_LISTING_OFFICE_NAME_value}<br />

This displays the LISTING_OFFICE_NAME field provided by your RETS server.

B. For listing that are owned by agents in your office, we want to show their Agent information from Open-Realty in order to provide details like the agents phone number and photo to the site visitor. We do this using the {show_listed_by_admin_block} which displays the enclosed data on any listing that is not owned by the admin user.

In the example above, we show the listing agent thumbnail, a link the the agents Open-Realt page and their phone number.

C. You probably also want to add additional text to section A above to provide your site visitor with contact information for your Real Estate office etc.. Maybe something like the following example.

    Contact one of our Realtors&reg; at My Office for more information on this listing.<br />
    <strong>Phone:</strong> 555-555-555<br />
    <i>Listing provided by IDX courtesy of {listing_field_LISTING_OFFICE_NAME_value}</i><br />

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