INSERT INTO default_en_activitylog error when importing with task=get

Q: When I attempt to trigger an import with task=get, I am receiving the following error very soon after:

INSERT INT0 default_en_activitylog (activitylog_log_date, userdb_id, activitylog_action, activitylog_ip_address) VALUES ('2008-02-07 15:03:32', '15', 'Successfully received /', '')

A: Your mySQL wait_timeout has probably been changed from its default value, and is breaking the persistent database connection for PHP.

To verify this, issue the following SQL:


Next, look for the variable named:  wait_timeout. mySQL's default wait_timeout is 28800 seconds, and if this has been reduced to a smaller value,  the DB connection can be closed before the add-on can complete its tasks. To repair, simply have your host or system administrator return the wait_timeout back to the default value.

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