Getting the error message

The error "Sorry, Unable to map the location" indicates that the map applet was unable to load. This is usually due to TransparentMaps being designed for Open-Realty 2.4.0 or higher. If you have an earlier version, or a template that was designed for an earlier version then you are probably missing an important tag in your template files.

Check your main.html file and your printer_friendly.html template files and ensure that you have the following tags in the files:

{addon_transparentmaps_loadgoogleapis} - This tag loads the REQUIRED code for the Google Maps API. This tag MUST be placed in the <head></head> tags of the template main.html file where the map will be called. If using the popup maps you must place this tag in the <head></head> of the printer_friendly.html template file.

{load_js} - This needs to be placed at the top of the files within the tags.

{load_js_last} - This needs to be placed at the end of the files, before the closing tag. The purpose for this is so that all of your site can load before we attempt to load the large applet for the map. If you don't have the closing tag then the map will never load and you will see that error message.

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