Listings are not not showing-up on the Agent details page

Q: During a task=finish, I notice that several of my Agent's are having listings assigned to them. When I look at the one of these Agent's details page in Open-Realty no listings are present.

A: Open-Realty has a dependency where it will not display an Agent's listing on the Agent page if that listing does not have a Title.

Possible solutions:

1) Have your Agents enter their own meaningful listing Titles
2) Alter the OR Agent page display code to not depend on the listing Title
3) Configure a Default Listing title in the IDXManager's ClassManager module using fields found in your IDX database.

Option #3 example:


Would assemble a default listing title that contained each listing's full street address using the above IDX fields. Please note this is an example, your actual field names will likely be different.

If decide to use option #3, that will only affect new listings imported from this point forward. If you need to get all of your IDX listings using a default title, issue the following SQL:

delete from default_en_listingsdb;
delete from default_en_listingsdbelements;
delete from default_en_listingsimages;
delete from default_classlistingsdb;

Lastly, do a complete reimport after you setup your  Default Listing Title. i.e. task=get, task=getimages, task=finish.
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