File not found error when importing data/photos

Q: I recently moved my site and everything was working great. Now, when I am attempting to import with task=get or task=getimages I am receiving a file not found error. I have checked the IDX server, and the file I am trying to import exists.

A: The tmp or one or more of the photo working directories located beneath /addons/IDXManager/tmp is missing or has the wrong permissions.



where XXXX is the Class Table Name of each property class. These directories must also all be read/writable by the webserver, this is usually CHMOD 777.

You can either manually re-create any missing directories (if necessary) and manually set the correct permissions on any existing dirs, or you can use the IDXManager add-on's ClassManager module to recreate the photo working dirs.

To re-create missing photo working dirs via the ClassManager:

1) Log into Open-Realty as the Admin
2) Click on the ClassManager icon [Manage IDX Property Classes]
3) Select the IDX property class that is missing a photo working directory
4) Click on [Edit IDX Fields]
5) Repeat steps 3-4 for any other IDX property classes that are missing a photo working directory

If you receive an error during the creation of a directory using the above method, make sure that your /addons/IDXManager/tmp directory is read/writable by your web server (usually CHMOD 777).

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