When I trigger the IDXManager's loader, I get a blank screen after a little while, and nothing seems to be imported.

Q: When I trigger the IDXManager's loader, I get a blank screen after a little while, and nothing seems to be imported. When I examine my Open-realty logs the task I triggered does not show "finished in XXX seconds". Sometimes the browser will ask me if I want to download a file named "index.php".

A: Your problem is most likely because your host's APACHE HTTP TIMEOUT setting for your account is not large enough to allow the script sufficient time to finish running. The amount of time each task requires depends on a lot of variables including the speed of the FTP connection to the MLS, the size of the file(s) being processed, and number of listings in the IDX database. How many server resources are available to the script when it is running is the most critical variable, underpowered servers or servers that hold a lot of hosting accounts on them will require more processing time, because all those hosting accounts are competing for limited server resources.

The APACHE HTTP TIMEOUT for your hosting account should initially be set to 10000 (ten thousand) seconds and the APACHE server restarted. You should then manually trigger each of your loader tasks one at a time, and after each task completes, check your Open-Realty logs for "XXX task completed in XXX seconds". A "finished" Open-Realty log entry will indicate that the task in question has in fact completed and the time it required to complete in seconds will be shown. You should *never* attempt to move on to the next task (like task=getimages or task=finish) until you have verified that a task=get in fact completes. Each task you trigger will always report "finished" to the Open-Realty logs if successfully completed.

After you work out which task takes the longest to run after a few days of running successfully, add 10% to that time and you have a more accurate number to use for your hosting account's HTTP TIMEOUT value.

Another possibility is that PHP is running out of memory. Most hosts will have PHP set to the default of 8M, which depending on how many listings and listings photos there are in the IDX, may be insufficient for processing. If PHP is configured to output to a server log, it will contain an error similar to "attempted to allocate XXX bytes ....memory exhausted". If you are running out of memory, you will need to increase it by changing the memory_limit value in php.ini. If you are attempting to download and unzip a varey large photo archive (>500mb) you may need to adjust your PHP memory_limit to approx 2x the size of the .zip archive.

Please note that unless you have a dedicated server or a true VDS/VPS account you will probably not be able make changes to the APACHE HTTP TIMEOUT or to php.ini for your server. You would then need to contact your hosting provider and ask them to make these changes for you. You always need to make sure to restart APACHE after making any changes to your PHP or APACHE configuration.

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