How do I create hosting accounts for my clients.

Please follow below steps to create accounts for your clients.

For new domains, you would need to place the domain order with us or the domain registrar of your choice.

For exsisting domains, you can either transfer the domain here or change the dns with your current registrar.
The DNS servers are and
If you were assigned private nameservers you can also use and

1. You can place a order at

Once you order the domain it will show up in your billing information and you can modify WHIOS and DNS records from the billing control panel. You now need to add the domain to your reseller control panel.

2. Login to

3. Define a Hosting Package, if you have already done this skip to step 6.

4. Create package by clicking on "Create new package" link in packages category.

5. While creating packages do not put "UNLIMITED" in any feature field box as WHM treats "UNLIMITED"= 1. You may face some problems in future if you put "UNLIMITED". Hence Always assign some reasonable number say 999 or 9999 for UNLIMITED.

6. Under "Account Functions" click "Create a New Account"

7. Enter the domain name in the domain field. ex.

8. Create a username and password and enter. Passwords should contain both letters and numbers, to help prevent someone from breaking into your account. (Do not assign accounts the same password as your reseller account.)

9. Leave "IP Address" as Auto Assign unless you need an SSL Certificate on this domain. Additional IP address can be purchased for $1.00/IP/Month.

10. Choose the hosing package you setup in Step 3.

11. Enter a contact address for this account. This is where any bandwidth and quota warnings will go.

12. Then select package you want to associate with particular account and hit "Create" button. Please wait until you see message "Account creation completed"

That's it.. :) you are now ready to use newly created account.

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