Spam Filter Adjustments

Customers, This afternoon at 4:00pm EST we will be making, adjustments to our spam filters. We expect this to take about 10 minutes to complete, during which time there will be a brief interruption in email delivery. We are making some changes based on customer feedback, to improve accuracy of the filters, and also to simplify the spam filter ... Read More »

9th Jan 2009
Spam Filter Upgrade - Update on filter problems

On Monday Jan 5th, we had some reports that the newly installed spam filters were being overly aggressive in filtering the emails. After some investigation, we made changes to the filters to disable one  filter mehtod we were using, we made this change early Monday evening. However, when making this change we mistakenly turned off the final check ... Read More »

7th Jan 2009
Email Server Upgrades on 1-3-2009

Attention Customers:What: Email Server UpgradesWhen: Jan 3rd 2009 12:01AM-4:00AMDetails: On Saturday, Jan 3rd starting at 12:01AM we will be rolling out an upgrade to our email servers. This upgrade will help improve spam detection and handling.  This change will add a new feature to cpanel allowing you to turn the spam filters on and off for ... Read More »

31st Dec 2008
Server Reboots host3 and host 4

Attn Customers,

Host3 and Host 5 will be restarted at midnight EST. We expect about 5 minutes of downtime for clients on thoose servers why the systems restart.

Thank you,

3rd Nov 2008
Datacenter maintenance

Attn Customers,

Tomorrow starting at noon EST we will be doing some equipment upgrades in our datacenter. Service will be interrupted briefly as we power servers down to hook into new power equipment. We expect 10 minutes of service interruption to occur why servers are shudown and restarted.

Thank you,

1st Nov 2008
Server Upgrades starting at midnight

Attn CustomersStarting at midnight this evening, we will be performing upgrades on all of our server. These upgrades may cause a few brief interruptions in website & email availability as services are restarted. We expect the updates to take about 1 hour, with no more then 5-10 minutes of interruption in service.This update will improve ... Read More »

31st Oct 2008
Backup File Removal Policy

Attn Customers,A large number of customers have gotten into the habit of creating full backups in cpanel, and then leaving the full backups in their home holder for extended periods of time. Why we appreciate and strong encourage users to make and download full backups of their sites periodically, leaving them in the home folders is causing our ... Read More »

29th Oct 2008
Host4 Down

Attn Customers,

Host4 is currently down, we are working on the problem and expect to have the server back online in about 8:30am EST

Update 8:15AM service has been restored.

Thank you

29th Oct 2008
Host4 Status Update

Dear Customers,As you are all painfully aware at this point, host4 has been experiencing a large number of problems this week, and is again offline. Below is a breakdown of what has happened to date and what we have done and are doing to restore service and prevent this from reoccurring.Tuesday evening around 9:30PM this server's raid array, ... Read More »

11th Oct 2008
Host 4 Emergency Maintenance at 12:45PM EST on Oct 10th

Dear customers,We will be shutting host4 down at 12:45PM EST for approximately 15-20 minutes. This is in response to an issue that has arisen with the new storage array and to prevent another extended downtime from occurring. 3:30PM ESTUpdate:  This started out when an alarm on our storage array went off this morning indicating that the one of ... Read More »

10th Oct 2008