Dear Customers,

Transparent Technologies has made the decision to release Open-Realty, TransparentRETS and TransparentMaps under open source MIT licenses going forward. 
Ryan Bonham is taking back over to lead development of these projects under this open source model.

What does that mean to you?

  1. Open-Realty, TransparentMaps, and TransparentRETS will be free going forward, under the MIT license. 

  2. All Support Renewals for Pro licenses have been canceled effective Feb, 7, 2021.
  3. All current Pro and Free licenses will continue to operate, however we strongly encourage everyone to update to the new open source version once they have been released. We plan to turn off our license servers, at the end of 2021 so all customers will need to ugprade by then.. 


A new Open-Realty 3.4.0-beta.1, with PHP 7.4 support has been released under the new MIT license. Along with the software release, a new community focused website and documentation has been released.

New open source releases of TransparetRETS and TransparentMaps will follow. Updates on thoose releases will be posted on the Open-Realty site..

All support for Open-Realty, TransparentRETS, and TransparentMaps will happen via the Open-Realty Discord Server going forward

Please check out the new release, and discord server. We think this move back to an open source model will help drive development and adoption of the Open-Realty products.

Thank you,

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

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