We have released Open-Realty® 3.0.4.  This release contains a number of bug fixes, as well as some very exciting new features.

One Click Upgrade 

Your Open-Realty® administrator can install future updates for Open-Realty® by clicking a link from your Open-Realty® admin page. This single click will download any new files as well as update your database to the latest version. This feature should make keeping your site on the latest release of Open-Realty much easier. 

Open-Realty® API

For add-on developers and anyone wishing to do integrations with third party software, we have introduced something very exciting. Developers can now interact with Open-Realty® data using the Open-Realty® API, to do things like insert listing images, create listings, and create property classes. We will be working to introduce new API commands with each release. Open-Realty® will itself be using these API commands, as will all of our own add-ons. The Open-Realty® API allows for connections not only locally, but from authorized remote sites as well. 

RETS , IDX and Google Maps for Open-Realty® 3.x

We are also releasing new versions of TransparentRETSIDXManager,   and TransparentMaps addons for Open-Realty 3.0. 

Change Log Open-Realty® v3.0.4

  • NEW! Open-Realty API
  • NEW! One Click Upgrade
  • Fix display of thumbnails on slideshow
  • Uploaded files no longer forced to lowercase to fix issues installing some add-ons.
  • Updated next_prev_bottom.html to use table-less design
  • Changed to use Firstname Lastname and changed unlang'd "for" text to a hyphen. 
  • Including files for new languages: BULGARIAN and INDONESIAN
  • Fix  XSS vulnerability that could affect only the user which created the XSS attack.
  • Fix issue with changing site template.
  • Fix issue with saving Lead Form Editor Field Elements
  • Fix abiltiy to edit captions and descriptions for unsupported vtour files.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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