Transparent-Technologies, Inc is very happy to announce the launch of the official  Open-Realty® Add-Ons site located at This site is current in BETA as we are finishing up Open-Realty® 2.6 and some advanced integration with the new Add-on Site.


The Open-Realty® Add-Ons site is the new official location for authors to post their Open-Realty® Add-Ons to and for users to have a single location to find Open-Realty® Add-Ons. Users can search the site and download free add-ons directly from the site or go to the authors' sites to purchase commercial add-ons. The upcoming Open-Realty® 2.6.0 release will also include a new Add-On manager that allows browsing and installing add-ons directly from your Open-Realty site!


Please be patient while the Open-Realty® Add-Ons site is launched for authors to update their add-ons and post them to the site.


The Open-Realty® add-on release forums will be closed whith the release of Open-Realty 2.6.0 and no further add-ons will be posted there.




Please update your add-ons to be compliant with the latest add-on specifications that can be located in the Open-Realty Documentation. Authors may create a free account on the Open-Realty Add-Ons site and post their Add-Ons to the site. 


Monday, December 21, 2009

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