On Monday Jan 5th, we had some reports that the newly installed spam filters were being overly aggressive in filtering the emails. After some investigation, we made changes to the filters to disable one  filter mehtod we were using, we made this change early Monday evening. However, when making this change we mistakenly turned off the final check in the spam filters that actually marks emails as spam and redirects them to the spam folder.

We became aware of our mistake early Tuesday morning, however we held off on turning that back on why we made a few other minor adjustments to the spam filters to reduce flase postive matches. We felt it was better for our customer to deal with the spam in their inbox for the day why we tested our changes, rather then putting filters in place that would have been to aggresive and marked valid emails as spam. We have at this time completed our testing of the new changes and just pushed them live to all of our mail servers. All customers should now start seeing spam filtering correctly to their spam folders again.

We would like to thank everyone for the cooperation durring the rollout of this new spam filters. Our goal as always it so provide you with teh best services possible. If you have any problems or questions on the filters, please feel free to open a hosting support ticket so we can promtly solve any problems you may have.

Thank you,

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

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