Attention Customers:

What: Email Server Upgrades
When: Jan 3rd 2009 12:01AM-4:00AM

Details: On Saturday, Jan 3rd starting at 12:01AM we will be rolling out an upgrade to our email servers. This upgrade will help improve spam detection and handling.  This change will add a new feature to cpanel allowing you to turn the spam filters on and off for each domain you host.  Some things to know about the new spam system are the following.

  1. Anyone you email will never have a message blocked (or in other words, anyone you email will go on whitelist ).
  2. Never email a spammer -- you validate their address authorizing them to spam you.
  3. Don't forward spam -- it makes the spam filter think we like it.
  4. Report spam by forwarding it to the address (read below for more info).
  5. If you become aware that mail you want is being blocked send the sender an email so their mail isn't blocked any more , or you can send an email to and put the sender email in the body of your email.

  • This will effect all customers on with Reseller, Basic, Professional, IDX, and RETS hosting accounts. Customers with dedicated servers will not be effected. Also, customers still remaining on host1, will not be effected until your accounts are migrated to a new server.
  • Ability to check or send mail will be interrupted for 30-60 minutes why we install and configure the new spam filters. No mail will be lost during this time, it will be delivered once the new filters are configured and running.
  • 5-10 Minutes of downtime why servers reboot

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