Attn Customers,

A large number of customers have gotten into the habit of creating full backups in cpanel, and then leaving the full backups in their home holder for extended periods of time. Why we appreciate and strong encourage users to make and download full backups of their sites periodically, leaving them in the home folders is causing our own backups to take much longer then needed as we are constantly backing up the backups. Also the backups serve no real purpose from a disaster recovery point of view because if something were to happen to your account the backup file that is in the account is going to do you no good. So starting Friday Oct 31rst we will be deleting all bakcup files stored in users home folders that are older then 30 days, we will be implimenting this on all servers. If you have an old backup file in your home folder that you wish to keep, please make sure and download it to your local machine before friday evening.

Thank you,

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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